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Project TitleMethod to Remove Arsenic from Surface Waters Utilizing Nanoporous Silica Polyamine Composites
Track Code2010-001
Short Description

This technology utilizes nanoprous silica polyamine composite materials to remove arsenic from solution. 


Silica polyamine composites (SPC) made from silanized amorphous nanoporous silica gel and poly(allylamine) (BP-1) were functionalized with phosphorus acid using the Mannich reaction, resulting in a phosphonic acid modified composite (BPAP). Zirconium (IV) was immobilized on BPAP. Arsenate anions strongly adsorbed on the ZrBPAP composite in the pH range 2 to 8, while arsenite only adsorbed well at pH 10. Regeneration of the resin was carried out successfully for As(v) and As(III) using 2m-H2SO4. Four adsorption/desorption cycles were performed for As(v) at pH 4 without significant decrease in the uptake performance. ZrBPAP capture capacity and kinetics for arsenate were tested for longevity over 1000 cycles with only a marginal loss of performance.  

Tagstoxicity, toxic, arsenic, arsenate, arsenite, water, surface water, metal, sequestration, silica polyamine composites, river restoration, arsenic poisoning, poison
Posted DateNov 18, 2010 5:15 PM

Technology Overview

This technology utilizes nanoprous silica polyamine composite materials to remove arsenic solution. An application of this technology  utilizes the silica polyamine composite  to remove arsenic from contaminated surface waters in a cost efficient and effective methodology. 

  • Inventors: Edward Rosenberg, Varadharajan Kailasam, Daniel Nielson
  • Intellectual Property Status: Patent Pending
  • Licensing Status: Licensing Available


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