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Project TitleRegional Learning Project-Native American Educational Resources
Track Code2011-012
Short Description

Native American educational resources in digital format for 2nd - 12th grade


The University of Montana's College of Continuing Education, in conjunction with the Regional Learning Project has spent the last ten years developing a unique collection of educational resources focused on the history of Indian tribes, geography and culture. These resource materials have now been digitized and amass a wealth of information that was collected by the University of Montana with the help of tribal educators. Broad geographic areas are covered including Native Americans in the Northwest, the Great Plains and Montana.

TagsLewis and Clark Trail, Native American Educational Materials, Native American History, Native homelands, Tribes, Northwest
Posted DateJul 11, 2011 11:25 AM


College of Continuing Education

Licensing Contact

University of Montana- Office of Technology Transfer 406-243-6670

Technology Overview

The University of Montana offers a unique collection of educational resources focused on the history of Indian tribes within the larger context of regional history, geography and culture. Our Native Voices DVD and Teacher Guide series includes a rich collection of primary resource documents gathered from archives, newspapers, and filmed interviews with tribal historians and educators. The highly visual and interactive nature of these materials will engage and motivate learners, while simultaneously providing multiple opportunities to strengthen their critical thinking skills.Content from this one-of-a-kind series offers a varied span of resources developed for students at elementary, middle, and high school levels. Designed to integrate and meet National and State content standards in Social Studies, Indian Education, Reading, Writing, and Critical Literacy, these resources can be easily and seamlessly incorporated into existing curricula.

Office of Technology Transfer

Director - Joe Fanguy

(406) 243-2148